Monday, January 19, 2015

Access Vmware ESXi guest console without runing vSphere client

There are several reasons to access remote console/desktop ESXi guest virtual machines without running vSphere client software

  1. You do not want keep your ESXi connected to vSphere while accessing a console one, because of security reasons.
  2. vSphere do not allow to get full screen console on secondary monitor.
  3. Access guest console from vSphere client is not a single step operation, and opens multiple application windows 

Depending on your installation of vSphere client your path may deffer, you can create a shortcut of Guest Console by using following command.


C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\VMware\VMware VMRC Plug-in\Internet Explorer>vmware-vmrc -X -u root -p rootPassword -h -d "[datastore1] Ubuntu 64-bit/ Ubuntu 64-bit.vmx"

Replace rootPassword with your Esxi root password, if you do not use -u and -p switch, vmware-vmrc pop up a dialog to input credentials.

Replace with your ESXi server IP address 


  1. Apparently Firefox VMRC plugin performs better than Internet Explorer one, you can also try switching both and see which performs better for you



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