Tuesday, January 20, 2015

ESX/ESXi Copy Paste not working, ESXi Isolation issue

I several posts and guides I found that there is an issue that seems to be correct configuration of vmx file do not enable copy paste functionality, I finally figured out the issue.


Enable Copy ans Paste between Virtual Machine and remote User Machine, given that VM is hosted on VMware ESX/ESXi server.

Even setting following properties in .vmx file it wont enable copy and paste

isolation.tools.copy.disable = "FALSE"
isolation.tools.paste.disable = "FALSE"


In most of the websites they do not mentioned case sensitivity requirement, for example ESXi 5.5 must required false in lower case, therefore correct property should be

isolation.tools.copy.disable = "false"
isolation.tools.paste.disable = "false"

Monday, January 19, 2015

Access Vmware ESXi guest console without runing vSphere client

There are several reasons to access remote console/desktop ESXi guest virtual machines without running vSphere client software

  1. You do not want keep your ESXi connected to vSphere while accessing a console one, because of security reasons.
  2. vSphere do not allow to get full screen console on secondary monitor.
  3. Access guest console from vSphere client is not a single step operation, and opens multiple application windows 

Depending on your installation of vSphere client your path may deffer, you can create a shortcut of Guest Console by using following command.


C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\VMware\VMware VMRC Plug-in\Internet Explorer>vmware-vmrc -X -u root -p rootPassword -h -d "[datastore1] Ubuntu 64-bit/ Ubuntu 64-bit.vmx"

Replace rootPassword with your Esxi root password, if you do not use -u and -p switch, vmware-vmrc pop up a dialog to input credentials.

Replace with your ESXi server IP address 


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