Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Configuring Juniper Secure Networks SA SSL-VPN

1. Add RADIUS Authentication Server
Start the Juniper Secure Networks Secure Access SSL-VPN Central Manager.
Go to Authentication - Auth. Servers
--> New RADIUS Auth Server
Configure as below

2. Custom Radius Authentication Rules
Note that "Access Challenge” has to be added where the "Reply-Message" "matches the expression" "(.*)" and in that case shows ”show GENERIC LOGIN page”. This will present the OTP field for the user.

When you're done configuring the Authentication Rules they should look like this:

3. Sign in page
Create a Sign-in page

4. User Realm
Create a User Realm that uses the Authentication Server created in step 1 for

5. Sign In Policy

Create a Sign In Policy that uses the Sign-in Page from step 2 and the User Realm
from step 3.
Note that from the users’ perspective you can always configure the login-pages for both
graphics and text to suit your company.
6. Start testing
Go to your Juniper url and add that realm you have created. In this example juniper.nordicedge.se/test
Enter the user-id and password for the user that you have added your mobile number to.

Enter your one time password and click on “Sign In”.


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