Monday, April 4, 2011

Nokia Messaging Push Email Setup on Nokia E5

There are lots of issues and problems reported about people have trouble setting up Nokia Messaging account on Nokia E5, below are the steps to follow for successful configurations: (Assuming you have Internet Setup/GPRS Configuration / WLAN done on your device)
  1. Goto Control Panel, Setting, General, Personalization, Messaging Key, Messaging Key, Short Press.
  2. Set short press to Email Setup.
  3. Exit from Control Panel and short-press the messaging key
  4. It will bring the Nokia messaging setup, enter Gamil credentials
  5. Follow the instruction and you're done
  6. Sing in to ( with your step 4 Gmail credentials
  7. Setup other email account (Max 10 including first Gamil one)
  8. All of configured Email accounts are will be available on your device shortly 
  9. Perform step 1 and set short-press to default
  10. Cheers


  1. great fine.. Im happy...good luck

  2. Thanks a lot. Really appreciate it, i have been trying for weeks. Works finally.

  3. good job...I was not able to configure it earlier..thanks a lot

  4. err I must hav a different Nokia e5 phone as I cannot get to line 4 mine does not come up like that all it does is go back to normal message page. I have found the page with sign up for g.mail ovi mail etc. but none will set up mailbox after signing in and making email addresses. I am fast coming to the conclusion that this is a lousy phone for business use as It cannot be set up easily for one of its main purposses (push Mail). Sorry for any spelling mistakes I was a young man when I started to get this blasted phone to work, now look at my long white beard.

  5. jazak allah works

  6. it works for me...finally. Thanks!



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