Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Cache installation steps on Red Hat Linux

Cache installation steps on Red Hat Linux

Download the cache setup files for your Linux version. and then Uzip the files.
Start the Terminal window in Linux.
Go to the cache setup foldcer. eg. cd /root/cache-2007/
Run ./cinstall command
The cache installation script will be start and ask you some question regarding installation .

1 ) It will display the Linux version which is supported with this version of cache and ask you to choose by asking “Is this the correct type of your system”. Select accordingly.

2 ) Next it will ask “Enter instance name”. Type the name of the instance for example cache07.

3 ) Then it will ask “Enter directory name for this installation ”. Type the path for your installation e.g /xyz/abc/.

4 ) If the directory you provide does not exist it will ask “Do you want to create it”. Type Yes.

5 ) Next it will ask u about the setup type “Standard or Custom”. Type 1 for standard.

6 ) Next it will ask u about Unicode support. Reply accordingly.

7 ) Then it will ask u about Security Settings. Select accordingly.

8 ) Then it will ask u about the Group which is allowed to start and stop the cache instance.

9 ) Then it will ask u about licence key. “Are u want to enter the licence Key”. Type yes if you want to provide a licence key.

10) It will then show u the provide option as installation summary and will ask u to proced. Type yes … and the installation will start.

11) After the installation if every thing goes fine it will show u the URL of System Management Portal.

12) Done

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